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Yaacov Yemini z"l

Yaacov Yemini - 1929 - 2010 - In Memoriam

It is difficult to part from a loved one. Though they cannot cancel out the great sadness and sense of loss, there are various sources of comfort which make themselves evident. We are blessed with many sources. Yaacov was such a magnetic personality; his smile, his charm, his warmth, his humor, his optimism and the sparkle in his eyes were all radiant and penetrating. His artistic talent and skills gave birth to works of art and Judaica which enrich the lives and embellish the traditions of countless people around the world. The fact that so many people shared a special sense of connection with Yaacov makes his persona all the more real and all the more eternal. No doubt one always wishes for more shared time on earth with loved ones. No time is a really good time to say good bye. Yet we are grateful for the many wonderful years that Yaacov was a vibrant and shining part of our lives. Malca was blessed with a unique partnership spanning over 58 years, his children were blessed with a loving and generous father and father-in-law as well as teacher and intuitive and resourceful partner and co-creator, and his grandchildren were blessed with a caring, big-hearted, fun-loving and doting grandfather.
There is comfort in the fact that he “did it his way” both in his life and in his death.
We miss him intensely. May Yaacov’s memory be blessed.